A semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure designed to enhance the natural beauty of lips. At Victoria Lauren & Co, our skilled professionals use specialized pigments to create a soft, natural tint, adding definition, fullness, and color to your lips.


Services and Prices

Masterful Permanent makeup Artists bring glamour to every special occasion, offering on-location services at your hotel, private villa, or yacht, ensuring convenience and beauty wherever you are.

Procedure Prices

Full Lip Blush


During your first lip blush session at Victoria Lauren & Co, our skilled technicians will begin with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences. The technique involves applying specialized pigments to enhance your lip color and shape, creating a subtle, natural-looking result. The process is meticulous and tailored to your individual features, ensuring a personalized and beautiful outcome.

Lip Blush Touchup


Touch ups are to be done 6 weeks after initial appointment. At Victoria Lauren & Co, our lip blush touch-up session involves fine-tuning the color and shape to ensure long-lasting perfection. This follow-up appointment allows our skilled technicians to address any minor adjustments needed, ensuring your lips maintain their beautiful, natural look.

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